Welcome to The Maisels Group, a group of advocates of the High Court of South Africa who are members of the Johannesburg Bar (Society of Advocates, Witwatersrand Local Division). The members of The Maisels Group are independent sole practitioners who are bound together in the pursuit of excellence, following in the footsteps of great and remarkable advocates.

The group and the building in which it is housed is named after Israel (Issy/Issie) Aaron Maisels QC, one of the great advocates of the Bar. Practicing from their chambers in Maisels Chambers, in the Sandton CBD in close proximity to the offices of the Johannesburg Bar and many law firms, the advocates of The Maisels Group provide a professional and valuable service to their attorneys and their clients.

With the pursuit of excellence, the encouragement of transformation and the respect of individualism, we endeavour to provide services of the highest standard. Throughout the group we also ensure that young advocates develop to become outstanding advocates.

Feel free to browse our site and find more information about The Maisels Group and the outstanding quality of advocates we have under our roof.


Members of The Maisels Group appointed as acting judges: (2007-09-21)
Piet Louw SC has recently ended a period of service in the High Court in Johannesburg as an Ac ...